Lean Kaizen Review Center (LKRC) started in conducting free “Certified Industrial Engineering” (CIE) review course for selected alumni of Quezon City University (QCU) in the year 2017 and 2018, until it became a business in January 2019.


It was registered with the DTI as a sole proprietorship on January 23, 2019 and was granted business permit on January 29 of the same year.


The first CIE review course of LKRC as a business was opened and conducted in three different venues in Quezon City. The course was successfully completed in six months, however, the reviewees were not able to take the Industrial Engineering (IE) certification exam for 2020 due to the start of COVID pandemic. As the IE certification exam was put on-hold, the business could not continue its operation as well. The business was heavily affected by the pandemic.


But when the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE) along with its Industrial Engineering Certification Board (IECB) announced that they will facilitate a CIE examination using the online platform, the business had to adapt to the new normal. Thus, in 2021, LKRC offered an online CIE review.


This online review effected an impressive statistics as 10 out of 11 LKRC reviewees passed the 2021 (11th) CIE Examination, equivalent to 91% passing rate. But overall, LKRC had 21 passers in total (combining its reviewees from online and 2019 face-to-face review).


With this milestone, LKRC has become more active in offering a quality CIE review for those IE graduates who wish to get certified. LKRC has become more committed to business excellence.